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Tips For Achieving Spiritual Enlightenment - Atlantic Meditation

Tips For Achieving Spiritual Enlightenment

Self-reflection: Be honest with yourself.

Spiritual awakening is about changing your perspective about the world, others, and yourself. In order to achieve this, you must look honestly at yourself and see things objectively---your faults, mistakes, ego, and how you treat others. For many people, this is impossible to see clearly because we can only see from our own perspective; thinking and behaving only from my own point of view. When we start to live life objectively, we can see ourselves more clearly. This is not an easy task but with practice, can be achieved.

Eliminate the ego: The ego is merely a product of your thoughts, which are not necessarily true.

Enlightened people are typically referred to as selfless or without "ego" and are thus able to go beyond their physical limitations. The way to achieve this is by eliminating the ego (or the false self). Through eliminating the false self, one can find their true self and achieve what many have not: eternal and unconditional happiness. Once you discard the ego, you will become humble and magnetic to others and so relationships will naturally improve.

Forgive people and yourself: Yes, we have all been hurt before, but if you hold on to it, is it going to hurt that person more or you? Many people hold on tightly to their pain, continuously thinking about it; they end up taking these negative thoughts to their death bed. Resentment and anger have led to their stress and suffering in life. Forgiving others and eliminating those negative thoughts will help you move on so you can start living in the present, finding true peace and happiness.

Embrace your fears: Allowing fears to control you will destabilize your mind and prevent you from taking action on the things you want or should do. Spiritually-enlightened people don't let their fears control their life---those thoughts simple do not exist in their mind.

Meditation: One of the most ancient and widely practiced ways to achieve spiritual enlightenment is through meditation. Our minds are filled with countless thoughts that control us and use up all of our energy, causing illnesses. They prevent us from taking action and leave us with stress, anxiety, and worries. Meditation is the action of eliminating the negative thoughts in the mind. Without eliminating the thoughts, we would be stuck in the same negative thought cycle because our thoughts haven't changed.

We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.

-Albert Einstein

Detach yourself from worldly things: Having an attachment to material things can cause you to be in constant pursuit of material possessions and thus there is no peace of mind. Once you become honest with yourself and eliminate the ego, you will automatically become less attached to worldly things. Your mind will become more calm and peaceful because you are not trying to chase something and you will happy just as you are. Detachment doesn’t mean leaving everything behind and not having any material possessions; it is merely to not be dependent on material things for happiness or peace of mind.

Prayers and pilgrimages: Taking action is the best way to begin a journey to enlightenment. We may get so caught up in our daily life that we can't find the time to pursue this spiritual pilgrimage. However, when you dedicate time to solely pursue spirituality and find your true yourself from within, your mind can focus more easily on obtaining spiritual enlightenment.


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