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Meditation is now online!

Meditation is essential for all of us adjusting to the online age.

I can throw away all the tens of thousands of thoughts that have intervened
in my life, such as anxiety, fear, alienation, unwillingness to do, and wanting to avoid. The 7 step meditation, which could previously only be done by going to a meditation center, is now available online.
Online meditation has the same effect as in-person meditation. Rather, more people prefer it because it is easy to do anytime, anywhere.
Anyone can meditate easily by clicking on the zoom link!


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Group meditation class
One-on-one class
Online Meditation Class
You're free to do it when you want & where you want
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Professional instructors
  •  Guided by professional meditation instructors.
  • Learn the basic principles of the systematic method.
Real-time meditation
  • When you want, for as many times ayou want.
  • Several classes are guided live throughout the day. 
One-on-one & group class
  • You can have a comprehensive meditation practice.
  • Different formats for a personalized experience.
How to participate in online meditation

The online meditation practice is being conducted through virtually using Zoom.
Follow the instructions below and install the Zoom application before starting.
1. Install the ZOOM app

If you are using the Zoom app for the first time, please install the application.

2. Click the zoom link

You can enter by clicking on the zoom link that was guided by text.

3. Online Meditation

After confirming the audio and video connection,
7 step meditation guidance will begin.
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