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    Workplace Meditation Class
Greater productivity and wellness for your employees starts with Meditation

The Atlantic Meditation Advantage

As your employees navigate the day-to-day challenges within your organization,company leaders are in a unique position to help.


By partnering with Atlantic Meditation for live online classes, your workforce will gain newfound:


Workshop for students

Why your youth will benefit from this meditation

Children and teens can experience stress, anxiety, and frustration, often without an effective outlet. Through our meditation workshops, students learn how to maintain a positive and peaceful mind that is free from worries. Our program seeks to provide an opportunity for youth to connect with others in an accessible and dynamic group setting, while learning to find their true self.

Who we are

Our youth advisors come from an impressive range of backgrounds including: speech-language pathology, social work research, public health, and also specialize in youth with disabilities. We guide our students through the art of letting go of everything that is not truly them. Youth workshops show students how to let go of negative thoughts to discover limitless growth. With our expertise and passion, we hope to empower youth to realize their full potential.

School Kids Meditating

Partnered with

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