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Method to let go

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Method to let go of mind
Principle of letting go 
Our meditation practice helps you let go of negativity and achieve a clear and empty mind. Just like how stirring muddy water makes it dirty again, our minds can become cluttered. But with this practice, you can maintain clarity and peace.
5 minutes later
30 minutes later
Letting go
Meditation for Calming
7 Step Method
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Thoughts arise when you experience
a similar situation
you are always in peace and happy
Try for sample
To engage in this meditation, it is necessary to receive detailed guidance from an instructor at a meditation center. Repeated training is typically recommended as per the instructor's guidance. However, you can gain an understanding of the principle behind this meditation through a simple practice.
Please follow the steps outlined below.
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closing eyes
I remember the person I met today

the person I met today
Doesn't it come to mind like a picture?

the person in your mind
throw it in the trash.

7 Step meditation process

The meditation process consists of 7 steps. Step by step, the more you empty your mind, the bigger your heart grows, the more you learn about the principles of the world. this Meditation is a systematic method that allows anyone to empty their mind and find their true self by following the process.
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