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Genevieve Young
Yoga instructor
I have taught and practiced yoga for 17 years, meditating for about 9 months, and have completed many psychology and philosophy classes in order to find the ever lasting truth and wisdom of the universe. My prayer has finally been answered with this method of letting go of my past patterns, cleaning my emotional state, and creating the healthy karma,habits, and body that I have only dreamed about. Since completing the first level, I feel like a zen master and I’m extremely excited to wake up at 5:30am every morning to participate in a group setting. I feel more like they are my family supporting me as a resource. We share the same intentions to become one with the universe which is infinite. I’m more confident, authentic, and respected because of my dedication too this program. I also had the courage to discard toxic behaviour in myself and people in my life. I could not have done it without my trusted coach James with Atlantic mediation. He is always encouraging me, patiently listening and teaching.

The difference between yoga and Atlantic meditation is this.

Yoga promotes physical and mental well-being through a combination of postures, breath control, and meditation, It cultivates a calm and focused mind. On the other hand, Atlantic meditation is about going much deeper to consciously discard memories and negative thoughts to achieve clarity.    This meditation is unique and really works! Discarding mental pictures directly clears the mind, releasing mental images, memories, and attachments that clutter the mind and hinder clarity. This process entails actively letting go of limiting beliefs to create space for new perspectives and an unburdened mind. While yoga can contribute to over all well being, Atlantic meditation is a more direct, conscious effort to cleanse the mind from the weight of memories and thoughts that no longer serve a purpose.
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