Teacher Woo Myung

"Enlightenment refers to knowing the Truth. This does not mean knowing in theory – it is to know by accepting with the heart."


In order to escape from the illusionary world, we must discard the illusionary pictures

we have taken as well as our very selves constructed with these illusions.

When this happens, it is possible to live in the real world,

and only then, can we know true happiness.

Who is Woo Myung?

Woo Myung is the creator and founder of the meditation method taught in Ma-Eum Su-Ryun, founded in 1996. He is also the author of bestselling books about the Truth, and spends much of his time teaching all over the world about Truth and human completion.

Woo Myung’s sole purpose is to help people to escape from their mind worlds and become one, so that they may live in the true world as an eternally liberated and peaceful existence. He created a complete method that enables people to discard their false bodies and minds and be reborn as their original true selves.

Realizing his destiny to teach truth through solving mankind's perpetual riddle:

A constant riddle in my mind was the fact that we had to die after living this way – as well as where we come from, why we live and where we go after we die. I also pondered why we all come into the world but only some people become saints, while others such as myself are just ordinary people.”

– From Stop Living In This World, Go To The Everlasting World Of Happiness, Live There Forever