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Meet Lucy

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

About Lucy

- 34 years old

-Works from home with at a corporate job

-Married (3 years) with 2 kids and expecting

-Previous divorcee

Lucy has been an diligent meditator at Atlantic Meditation for over 4 years and has experience so many benefits. Here is her story:

"When I first started meditation, I was looking for a stress reliever. I tried so many activities to ease my stress; I enjoyed weight lifting but the endorphins wore off soon after my workout was done. My stress would just flood back so quickly.

I juggle many things, like most mothers, but am able to be present in each task so I am no longer regretting any past choices or feeling anxious of the future. Celebrating Mother's Day this year, I realize what a gift it is to be a mom. I never pictured myself as a mom and always had doubts of how well I was parenting. Since starting meditation, I see what a true gift being a mom has been to me. I constantly worried how my parenting style would affect my kids-- I just wanted them to grow up to be genuinely good people. I see now that I have nothing to worry about. I just have to enjoy and be present in every moment. That was so much easier to do when I became free of all the negative thoughts I had.

I am so grateful to be living in present moment and understanding the racing thoughts were all false because they only existed in my mind.Being rid of them gave me so much clarity and peace from within. When I prioritized this first, everything becomes easier. My children are thriving and happy. That’s all I can ask for as a parent."

What was the biggest change you experienced?

"The biggest change I've seen in myself is being able to live in the present moment. I didn’t realize how stuck in my head I was all the time! Before meditation, I was very short-tempered due to my busy mind. I realize now that it wasn’t due to what I was juggling in my personal life; it was actually because of all the thoughts and constant mental noise that kept me stressed."

Would you recommend this meditation to others?

"Oh, I would definitely recommend this to everyone! I would especially recommend this to mothers. I am a better parent than I ever dreamed possible. I am able to be happy and efficient in all areas of my life."

Lucy has experienced the many benefits of this meditation and continues to flourish as an individual and a parent!

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