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Meet Kara

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

About Kara

- 32 years old

- Meditator for 2 years

- From Chicago, Illinois

- Asian- American

- Speech-Language Pathologist

Kara has been an diligent meditator at Atlantic Meditation for over 2 years and is eager to share her story:

What was the biggest change you've had since starting meditation?

"The level of confidence I have now is so different from before I started meditating. Before, speaking up and sharing my opinion about things with friends, work, or even family was so difficult. I had to plan it out in my mind before I shared my thoughts. Even my body would be affected; My heart would be racing before I spoke and I just never felt present. It was a constant cycle of this type of reaction.

After meditating, I got a chance to reflect on all those times. I realized that overthinking clouded my ability to feel comfortable in my own skin. When my mind was free from all that negativity, my thinking became simpler and more focused. Now, I feel more confident and just say what I feel from my heart. This has helped so much with even dealing with conflict in a healthier way."

Who would benefit the most from this meditation?

"I really recommend it to all health care workers or any helping professionals who work with people or animals. They do so much to help others but don’t always get a chance to rest and recharge. This meditation is the perfect way to recharge and get rid of the lingering stress so they can do their job with more focus and from the heart."

What advice would you give someone beginning their meditation journey?

"The two most important things to remember:

1) Come with an open mind and heart.

The meditation instructors (helpers) are so sincere and positive. They are always willing to support and encourage you throughout your journey.

2) As much effort you put will be as much benefits you get out of it.

It takes time to truly feel the benefits. When I first started, I didn't always put much effort in. If you set a goal you want to achieve like being more confident or making lasting changes, you can put your effort into it and achieve it here. I think we all seek something out of life or want to make some kind of change. This meditation will help you break the chain of negative thoughts so you work toward a better future.

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