Long Island Meditation Experiences for October

Whether you are an experienced meditator or a meditation newbie, listen to the inspiring stories

of these meditators from around the US to help you keep motivated in your own meditation journey.

"I started to do this meditation and it was like I could see I had been carrying these heavy bags of luggage and through the meditation, I was able to just drop them and let them go. My heart started to feel lighter and brighter."

Victoria - Suwanee, Georgia

"I used to have this extreme panic and with the help the meditation, I was able to handle a lot this anxiety and panic attack"

Sanae - Flushing, NY

"Now that I met this meditation, step by step, I noticed how lighter I became everyday, my mind was getting freer from all the stress, and it felt like how you feel on Christmas morning, like "Ah, today is a great day to wakeup!"

Zack - Hollywood Sunset, CA

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