Meditation for Kids

As adults, we seek to prepare children for life in the world, giving them the tools they need to overcome obstacles and enjoy a happy, healthy life. Our free online series introduces young people to a simple meditation practice that enables them to recognize, process, and release any uncomfortable thoughts or feelings they are carrying.They will receive life's greatest gift: a peaceful mind - all while having fun and making new friends!

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Our family is happier since we started meditation. I'm more calm and don't get angry at people as easily, and my parents are more patient as well."

Current Meditator, 8 years old

"The biggest change that mediation has done is I'm a lot more responsible. Before, when someone asks me to do somthing, I would say like 'yeah, I will do it later' because I didn't feel ike doing anything but now I just do it right away."

Hendrick, 9 years old

"I've seen a lot of improvement in myself. I'm more open to friends, family... My family meditates together and as a whole we respect each other more."

Chloe, 12 years old