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Employee Enrichment Program

Our Program

Atlantic Meditation is proud to offer meditation workshops for employee enrichment.

Mental wellness is of upmost importance during these challenging times. Meditation is a well-established tool that promotes focus, creative problem-solving, and harmonious relationships, all of which foster a strong, collaborative team! In this unique wellness experience, your team will get to sit back in the comfort of their homes or office and be expertly guided through our powerful meditation method.

  • Easily enjoyed from any device, (cell, tablet, laptop) from any location with internet access, available via Zoom or the video-conferencing service of your choice.
  • Absolutely no previous meditation experience is necessary!
  • Ask us about unlimited guided meditation classes for your team.

Gift your team the invaluable experience of self-care and mental wellness

The Process

Step 1: Selection

Browse through our workshop options and submit inquiry form. One of our expert workshop administrators will help you select a program to fit your goals, budget, and calendar.

Step 2: Tailor

Collaborate with workshop team and distribute a quick (3-5 min) survey amongst your team members to tailor meditation topics. This will ensure your team will to identify roots of stress specific to them, thus increasing effectiveness.

Step 3: Enjoy

Sit back and relax! We will take it from here.

Something For Everyone

Choose an option that best suits your team's needs

Option 1: Intro Course

This 45 min session is perfect for groups seeking mindfulness, focus, motivation, and energy. We will guide your team through an introduction to our method to explain why we carry stress and worries.

Option 2: Extended Series

In this extended 2 - 4 hour option, group members will learn to reflect and discard root of stress. We can break this series down into multiple sessions


Option 3: Corporate Townhall

This option is ideal for company-wide meditation for large corporations and organizations. We will work with you to determine adequate session duration.

Option 4: Caring for the Caregiver

This option is uniquely crafted to care for those who care for us! Therapists, teachers, and other human service workers are needed now more than ever. With a clear mind, your team can continue to serve with passion and dedication.

Ready to get started?

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