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How to Reach Enlightenment

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Image by Nghia Le

The Era of Eliminating Minds Has Begun

People search for happiness and satisfaction by the act of possessing something because they are born with minds that want to possess. However, there is no end to such means; ultimately, they cannot be satisfied or happy through possessions.

A person’s sense of inferiority is what creates all greed, and when one is not able to have or achieve what he wants, he comes to have feelings of sorrow and bitterness. These feelings of sorrow and bitterness will only truly disappear when he discards his minds of greed.

Until now, all people have lived with minds of greed, trying to possess more. The more unstable the world has become and the more people lose their trust in each other, the more they try to appease their feelings of inferiority through possessions.

In this day and age, the way for people to become complete and live happily and well is to learn how not to possess. A mind that is full of greed is filled with countless thoughts, and life lived chasing one’s thoughts is without action, for thoughts only give rise to more thoughts.

If the past was the age of adding to one’s mind, now is the age of discarding what is in one’s mind. A person who discards his minds in this time will recover his original nature. Consequently, the whole human race will become one and the world will become complete, because everyone will live for the world and other people.

Human completion is becoming the mind of the world by eliminating all of one’s own minds. One will then be able to live well, for he will have wisdom and his mind that is the Soul and Spirit, and will live eternally. Eliminating all human minds – all the minds one has, that he has “eaten” – is a completion. When one discards his entire human mind world and eliminates it completely, the place of the Truth and completion emerges. When he is then born in this world, he achieves the human completion. The human completion is when one lives having become the Truth and achieves enlightenment.

Image by Andrew Small

“The way to Truth must be one that anyone can follow; it must be scientific and systematic, and there must be as much enlightenment as one has cleansed his mind.”

– Woo Myung

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