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Boas yu
DR. Boas Yu's Meditation Story & Video

Professor of Fairleigh Dickinson University
Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

As a Psychiatric nursing professor, I was always stressed due to high demands of the job.

I also was dealing with many family issues and was feeling very overwhelmed.

One day, I was handed a meditation brochure. I was very interested in starting a meditation program to manage my stress, so I called immediately.
This meditation method is amazing!  It defines what human mind is and how to clean the mind!!

As I started to meditate, I was feeling lighter and lighter. When I was done with the first level of this meditation, I felt like I was flying!  So I said to myself, “if I felt this good after finishing just one level,

how would I feel if I finished all 7 levels and achieve human completion?”

Since then, I never looked back and continued to meditate. I have brought my family members to this meditation and they are also very happily meditating. I am very grateful to have found this meditation which transformed me and my family.

DR. Boas Yu's Meditation Video
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