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Lucy De Leon
Government Programs
Strategy Director

My name is Lucy and I have been meditating for 6 years.  At that point in my life- I had lost my older sister to cancer and I realized the importance of truly living your life.  When I found meditation I knew right away this is what I’ve been searching for.  They explained to me were my stress, anger, grief triggers exist and taught me the method to truly let go.  I loved it right away.  Some of my family started meditating pretty early on from my journey.  We started to change together.  Now we have 12 family members meditating.  I can see the changes within myself but seeing the changes in my family is what keeps me going here.  I would 100% say my family and I have been blessed with finding meditation. 

I have seen transformations into happy, peaceful, confident and sincere individuals.  I recommend this meditation to everyone and especially to do it with other loved ones in your life.  My relationships grew stronger as we inspired each other during each of our journeys to finding our true selves. 

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