Kundalini Yoga Lotus

Everything exists within you

Find the answer from within

Why Mind-Cleansing
Meditation Method?

Our meditation is changing the human mind, which is false,

to the Universe Mind, which is true.

At Atlantic Meditation, you can learn to cleanse your mind.

Instead of just calming your mind temporarily, you will learn how to thoroughly cleanse your mind with a step-by-step process of self-reflection and letting go.

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Overwhelmingly positive results from meditators after their first three months in our program. 473 members were surveyed.


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to help you stay on track with your meditation progress, accountability, and personal intervention, helping you to reach your goals, whatever they may be.

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Simple Method

for all ages and meditation levels, helping you to eliminate negative thoughts through an easy, step-by-step, innovative meditation method focused on imagery and self-reflection.


Unlimited Sessions

Enjoy as many meditation sessions in a day as you would like. The more you meditate, the faster you will progress.


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