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Meditation Class

Clean Mind

7-step method


How does the 7-step method help?

Has billions of thoughts within
Always in Stress
Cannot rest

Lives temporary life

Has Truth within
Always free from stress
Well rested
Lives eternal happy lif


Are you looking for the best meditation?

To pick the best meditation for you,  just ask yourself:

​Do you know what you are looking for?

Can it make lasting changes?

Can it help you find your purpose in life?

 Find the best meditation here!

Kundalini Yoga Lotus

What is the 7-step method?

Become Truth

100% of human minds disappear
using a guided 7-step method


Self Reflection

World's First Method to Become Truth

Cleanse the Mind

Understand what the human mind is
and find the source of stress & burdens

Now, It is time to become Truth
It is not just talking about it


Why choose the mind cleansing,          world's first 7-step method?

This  7 -step method changes your mind to become Truth.

At Atlantic Meditation, you can learn to cleanse your mind.

Instead of just calming your mind temporarily, you will learn how to thoroughly cleanse your mind with a step-by-step process of self-reflection and letting go. True lasting changes can happen. 

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Our service

Group Meditation

4 ways to meditate


Hotline Consultant

Book now to better understand the meditation process and what benefits you may receive once you start the program


20-30 minutes

Guided Trial

Guided Meditation

Guided one on one.  Experience the benefits that can be achieved through meditation before starting your meditation journey. Book a trial session today!



1 hour

Online work meeting

Reserve your spot to try one of our special events: Happy Hour and Friends & Family meditation classes





1 hour

Workplace Meditation

Group Meditation

Greater productivity and wellness for your employees starts with a healthy and clear mind. Bring meditation benefits to the workplace!

Tailor to your workplace needs

Group Meditation

New york Flushing Branch video

As a meditator

Dr yuou.jpg

Professor of Fairleigh Dickinson University.
Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

"This method is a very powerful tool for stress,anxiety,depression management."

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"This method helped me to discover the Truth within me. Since

I have found the Truth from within,

I no longer live with anxiety and depression."


Professor of Aerospace Engineering.
Ph.D. from Stanford University

Claustrophobia came at a difficult time, But I found the cause through Meditation. I had to get rid of that picture. And after removing that picture, the claustrophobia really disappeared.

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