Our mission is to help people find true inner peace through a guided meditation program.

Now Offering:

- Daily, Live Guided Sessions.

-Complimentary Trial Session

- Youth Meditation

We are located in the heart of Bixby Knolls community in Long Beach, CA. We have been offering guided meditation at our physical location since 2012. We are extremely honored to serve Long Beach city and our neighboring communities.

Our online classes are available from Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 8:30 pm and Saturdays 9:00 am to 12:30 pm.

Due to COVID-19, we are exclusively offering live, online meditation classes.

What we do...

We offer guided meditation that allows one to transcend the human mind and discover the mind of the universe.


1. Free Introductory Session

Meet with an expert guide over 'zoom' to start your meditation journey.

2. Meditate with Ease

Our precise method and guidance allows you to clear your mind effectively so that you can live your everyday life with the best quality and satisfaction.

3. Experience Lasting Results

It’s worth investing in a healthy, clear mind that will give you the true happiness you deserve.

Hear from our members

Elda D.

This meditation transformed my life. Even through these trying times, our helpers have done an amazing job in still having us stay connected through Zoom conferences. Thank you all for your unwavering efforts and dedication!

Daniel H.

The main reason why I meditate is to be genuinely happy. I always thought that being happy was having a good time and being excited but true and lasting happiness can only be foud within us.

Edith B.

Online meditation has truly been a source of maintaining peace of mind during this time of crisis we're having due to the CoVid-19 virus. I work for the ER dept. at the busiest hospital in LA and although I am around ilness everyday, I am able to let go of the stress in my everyday life...

Blanca D.

Para mi, meditación me cambio la vida. Soy mas calmada y tengo mas pasiencia. Cuando me pongo enojada, medito y ya me calmo. Con meditación, veo la vida de otra manera. Para mi, meditación es lo mejor que me a pasado.